Sunday, January 30, 2011

Flux Density

This poem was originally published in The Watermark 


With different rules, under a new order,
the slant may tilt at an alternative angle,
the floor could become the ceiling,
creating a whole new set of circumstances.
Try imagining for a minute your life then.
Nuances, while not so subtle,
could save your life.
Then again, the very thing that wants
so badly to turn everything upside down
may very well be the inverted idea
of an idea already standing on its head.

And yet, with another set of rules,
the order could slant towards other,
more fantastic angles, where the weight
of change may grow too troublesome to bear.
And so, in order not to be crushed
by the process, another change
becomes necessary, leaving things
as they are, in a permanent state of flux.

©Peter Birckhead

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